Portrait of Svetlana

Subject :Portrait of Svetlana Kassinova (Ballet Dancer, Linguist, International Model & Lecturere at the V&A London)
Medium :Oil on canvas
Date :1959
Location :Main Gallery

International model Svetlana Kassinova

Apr. 04, 1959 – Saville Row Hairdresser’s window becomes gallery for young Artists: West end hairdresser ”Peter of Saville Row” is a conniseur of the arts, and considers hairdressing is as much a creative art as painting. In view of this he is allowing young artists to hang their work in his windows and salon.

He is preparing a catalogue of pictures for the benefit of his clients, and invites any artist who is interested in showing their paintings to contact him. Anthony Brandt who paints in the style of the masters of the 17th century, is the first to take advantage of the offer. Photo shows International model Svetlana Kassinova, who returned from the U.S.A. on Tuesday, went along to the salon to view her portrait by Tony Brandt this morning.

(Credit Image: Keystone Pictures USA/ZUMAPRESS)