The Museum

The Museum

The Anthony Brandt Museum is located in the heart of the scenic Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales. It is the home of the art collection of the late, internationally recognised artist Anthony Brandt.

We welcome visitors, however due to the ongoing Covid pandemic the museum is currently closed except by special apointment only. We hope to reopen our doors again soon.

The Museum Amenities:

  • Main Entrance
  • Main gallery
  • Portrait mezzanine
  • 3 Information rooms
  • Etchings Gallery
  • Print Gallery
  • Sculpture room
  • Video room
  • Reception / Gift Shop
  • Tea Room
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Toilets
  • Disabled access
  • Parking for 50 cars
  • Artist in residence accomodation

The Galleries

The Main Gallery

The most important paintings from the Brandt collection are located in the main gallery. This large, imposing space was formerly the main prayer room where the local congregation gathered to listen to Sunday sermons and for other religious ocassions.


When Anthony Brandt brought the building in the 70’s it was long deserted and run down. He refitted it to become a studio where he painted many of his larger works; he aprreciated the exceptional light that the space afforded him.


Since the Brandt’s passing it has been refurbished into a modern, yet intimate museum space that highlights his art. A mezzanine has been added to the interior to provide an overview ofthe works, as well as holding the collection of portrait drawings.

The Portraits Mezzanine

The Etchings Hall

In the hallway adjacent to the main gallery is the ‘Etchings’ collection.  This intimate space is the ideal location for the beautiful detailed and exquisite etchings by Anthony Brandt. His engravings and etchings are smaller in scale and need to be seen up close to really appreciate their marvellous technical ability that never ceases to amaze both visitors and professionals alike.

The Lithograph Atrium

In this light, airy space visitors can appreciate the entirety of the Limited Edition Lithographic prints in one space. At the time of their printing they were the largest lithographic prints ever conceived, and as Anthony correctly stated ‘they are identical to the originals’.


The opposite wall features the ‘Sanguine’ drawings that demonstrate Anthony Brandt’s exceptional mastery of the human nude captured in masterful line drawings. It is his technical expertise and ability to push the artistic medium that led to his work being directly compared to the old masters.

The Gardens

The Cafe / Gift Shop

During the summer months there is nothing more pleasant than enjoying a freshly made Welsh cake and one of our selection of fine teas or a freshly brewed coffee.


We have both indoor and outdoor seating available, as well as seating across the immaculately kept landscaped gardens. Enjoy a sandwich by the Weeping Willow pond, or a picnic on the grass (Depending on Welsh weather of course!)


The entire museum site has been upgraded for wheel chair access.

The Gardens

Although Anthony Brandt never felt the need to paint landscapes, the Welsh landscape provided him with a great sense of calm and inspiration. From the museum you can see the surrounding National Park with atypical sheep dotted the lush green fields and hedgerows.


The museum grounds are a continously evolving project to extend Anthony and Mitzi’s original vision for their 2 acres of land. With great attention to detail and careful selection of plantings the grounds provide an everchanging natural canvas upon which colours come and go throughout the year.